This cat that only has three legs, but he has a heart of gold.
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As im tired of people asking why my cat has only 3 legs, here is what happened. Now if anyone asks I can just direct them to my blog, because it's just that important.

My genius of a f-ing cat decided one day to go rock climbing in some remote area without telling anyone where he was going. Well, he was 30 feet in the air when he got his arm stuck in between two rocks. Don't ask me how he mustered up the balls, because we had him neutered, but somehow he cut his little left leg off with a penknife. A fucking pen knife. Then afterward he was all over the talk show circuit and he thinks he's the shit now. Just because he went to one of 'the hefs' parties. Anyway, his 15 minutes will end just like the cat that got breast implants on a dare.

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